image of linux penguin with slug WebCam on the Slugimage of Linksys NSLU2

Pointless, I know. But this page follows in the footsteps of the early pioneers of net webcams - except this one doesn't point at a coffee jug. Besides, I did it because I could.

The image above is generated by a webcam on a Linksys NSLU2 reflashed to run Debian. Such devices are popularly known as slugs. This particular slug runs a webserver providing several virtual webs (both internally and public facing). A separate slug (visible in the background) now acts as the local apt-mirror for my home network and acts as my network backup server. People use their slugs for all sorts of things.

(Update. Actually, this page has been out of date for some time. There are now various bits of kit, including raspberry pis, sundry routers and firewalls occasionally visible in this image. Other kit is dotted around the network(s), but is usually not visible here. I keep this page for historic purposes only. In fact this webcam no longer even runs on a Slug. I replaced the Slugs a while ago and this camera now runs on a raspberry pi which is also used for other purposes on one of my networks.)

The image is refreshed every 60 seconds. Reload the page to view. If the image is black it just means that the room is in darkness. Check the timestamp on the image (GMT).

(I turned off auto refresh to save on my bandwidth. Just in case.....)